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Spending time with your own personal guide is by far the fastest way to learn. Sessions are very flexible. Choose from 2 hours, 4 hours or a full day. Designing your own session may be useful if:-

  • you have a gift voucher
  • you want to master a particular group of birds
  • you have limited mobility
  • you’d like to visit a favourite place or target a particular species
  • you’re in Leeds on a minibreak
  • you’re visiting friends or relatives, or dropping your kids off at University
  • you’re visiting the UK from abroad on business or as part of a holiday
  • you’re planning a holiday in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire

Prices vary depending on where you want to go, the birds you want to see, whether you need picking up and whether you need binoculars. As an approximate guide a 2 hour bespoke session starts at £45, 4 hours starts at £79 and a full day starts at £169.

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Gift Vouchers

Treat someone to a one-to-one birdwatching session from as little as £45 for 2 hours. Alternatively, pay for someone to attend a group walk. Prices start at £18.

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