Hello from Linda at Start Birding

Welcome to my website (and to birdwatching if you’re a complete beginner).

Birdwatching is an amazing hobby and one which will introduce you to a wide range of subject areas – it’s not just about identifying birds and naming species – there are so many benefits to experience while you are learning. Your birdwatching journey will connect you to the outdoors and enable you to explore not just the natural world, but how you fit into the wider picture.

Of course it can be frustrating when there is so much to learn but don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Start Birding aims to fast-track your learning whether you’re a complete beginner; you’re returning to the hobby after a long gap or you’d like to improve on the skills you’ve acquired already.

Throughout the year there’s lots of amazing birds and bird behaviour to see in a variety of habitats such as woodland, wetland, moorland, scrubland and coastal areas. Many people are unaware that thousands of birds flock to the UK in both spring (from southern Europe and Africa) and autumn (from Eastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and northern Russia) so there’s always plenty to see. This movement of birds and the changes in the seasons means each class is usually different from the last and that brings new learning opportunities.

Start Birding classes cover all aspects of ornithology. You’ll discover some amazing bird stories about complex behaviours, fantastic journeys and anatomical superpowers. You’ll also learn how to read a landscape and about seasonality (helping you to know what birds to expect) and the essential field craft required to observe birds without causing any disturbance.

Email linda@startbirding.co.uk for more details

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