Hello from Linda at Start Birding

It’s great to be (almost) back to normal after a couple of years of this terrible pandemic. Thankfully, over the last few months, I’ve been able to modify my classes to enable nature lovers to manage their mental health and discover their local green spaces.

If you’ve been focusing on the birdlife around you during the pandemic then I’m sure you’ll be wishing you could learn more. Learning on your own can be a slow process. Start Birding aims to fast-track your learning whether you’re a complete beginner; you’re returning to the hobby after a long gap or you’d like to improve on the skills you’ve acquired already.

Birdwatching is not just about identifying birds, it can become a lifelong fascination. Because ornithology is a widely researched subject, there is always something new to learn. On my classes you’ll discover some amazing bird stories about complex behaviours, fantastic journeys and anatomical superpowers. You’ll also learn about habitats, seasonality and the essential field craft required to observe birds without causing any disturbance.

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Happy spring everyone. Start Birding classes are in full swing and we’ve been having some amazing wildlife experiences. One of the most notable was watching

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