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More and more people have discovered the natural world during this terrible pandemic and how important it has been for their mental wellbeing. If you’ve been focusing on the birdlife around you then I’m sure you’ll be wishing you could learn more. This can be a slow process on your own so Start Birding is designed to fast-track your learning whether you’re a complete beginner, you’re returning to the hobby or you’d like to improve on the skills you’ve acquired already.

Birdwatching is not just about identifying birds, it can become a lifelong fascination. Because it’s a widely researched area, there is always something new to learn about day-to-day habits, songs and calls and amazing journeys.

With a birdwatching guide you’ll learn about each bird’s story, season by season, as well as receiving invaluable identification tips. From January to June you can learn all about birdsong. You’ll also learn the field craft skills required to observe birds without causing any disturbance.

I offer a range of group classes each week and throughout the year. Due to covid restrictions, classes are limited to 6 people until 21st June when they will increase to my usual number of 8 people.

You can choose from 2 hour, 4 hour or full day sessions. You can also book your own one-to-one or family session if you’d prefer not to mix with people outside your bubble. My 3-day weekend tours will resume in November 2021.

If you’d like to give friends or family a unique present then my birdwatching vouchers are available to buy on line.

To keep informed about birdwatching opportunities, special offers and to recieve news about birds in Leeds, you can subscribe to my newsletter. Please complete the form on this page. You’ll also be able to download my free information sheets on binoculars and field guides.

contact me to arrange your own bespoke guided birding experience or for details about guided birding.

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