One-to-One Tuition

Summer or Autumn?

Now that the Leeds Birdfair is over I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer months although, as a birder, my July and August is spent watching the beginning of the outward migration, when birds begin to move away from their breeding grounds in the north. For a birder, autumn has

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Bird walk by Ann Lightman

Sunday May 7th saw the first bird-walk for the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery. It was a bird song identification walk led by Linda Jenkinson of Start Birding. A group of about 25-30, seven of whom were “Friends”, the others more experienced bird watchers, had assembled in the car park by

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I only ever get pigeons!

People are always coming to tell me that they put out food to attract birds but they only ever get pigeons. If this sounds like you then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can change that. Here’s what could be happening.,,,,,,,, I’m guessing that you’re trying to cut costs. Bird

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