Start Birding runs a variety of indoor and outdoor birding events, of varying lengths, throughout the year. These are suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to improve their birdwatching skills. Group classes are limited to 8 people.

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Alternatively, you can fast-track your learning by designing your own one-to-one session. 

One-to-one classes


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What’s Included

You’ll learn the following:-

  • Important tips and short cuts to help you identify birds
  • Each bird’s story, its movements, behaviour and preferred habitat
  • How to identify birds by their songs and calls
  • How to use your field guide to find birds more quickly
  • Essential field craft to help you to watch birds successfully
  • How to set up your binoculars and use them with speed and accuracy

Binoculars are available to loan if needed so please don’t rush out and by some, advice will be provided. In most cases, you’ll get the chance to see birds in detail through a high powered telescope.

Refreshments are provided at the end of the class and you’ll receive a list of the wildlife seen and heard on your trip.

Where appropriate, informative handouts are also made available.

Transport is often available for group classes from the Moor Allerton Centre on the Leeds outer ring road. A pick-up service is offered for one-to-one classes where customers live in the Leeds postcode area.

Indoor Classes

At certain times of the year you can attend indoor classes. These cover the following subjects:

– Bird identification
– How to use your binoculars
– All about fieldguides
– Where to find birds in different habitats
– Being ready for anything (being safe and what to wear)
– Fieldcraft
– Bird topography (the parts of a bird)
– Attracting birds into your garden
– Songs and calls
– Migration and weather
– Adaptations to environmental conditions
– Bird organisations and what they do

More advanced classes are also available. Classes are delivered in either 2 hour sessions or as a full day combining indoor and outdoor tuition.

What To Wear And Take With You

To enjoy your birdwatching class it’s essential that you wear the right clothing.  Download my helpful handout which covers what to wear, by season, and what to take with you. Please note that jeans are not appropriate on any trip.

Buying Binoculars

Please don’t buy binoculars for any of the Start Birding classes. You’ll receive all the advice you need on your first class.

It’s unwise to buy binoculars without advice or to take another person’s recommendation about particular models. Your binoculars need to be the right weight for you and also need to fit the shape of your face.

You’ll be able to loan binoculars and receive all the information you need to make an informed choice when the time is right for you. Download my free handout which tells you all you need to know before your purchase. Start Birding runs special quarterly trips to the best binocular shop in Yorkshire so that you can browse a wide range of makes and models at different prices without the pressure to buy. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions and to provide advice.

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