Linda Jenkinson - Start BirdingI’m a Leeds birder with a life-long passion for the natural world. Like many people, I pursued other interests before becoming a serious birdwatcher in the mid 80’s. During that time, I began volunteering with conservation groups such as the Leeds Urban Wildlife Group, The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the RSPB.

While leading the RSPB Leeds Group, I was approached by a local college about providing birdwatching classes and I decided to take the challenge myself. Soon after, I was teaching birdwatching to adults, indoors, on dark winter evenings. After receiving lots of positive feedback, I launched my business in 2001. Since then, I’m proud to have fledged many new birdwatchers in and around Leeds. One of my early groups still meets today. I now teach indoor and outdoor birdwatching classes throughout the year. I also organise residential tours to Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland, Norfolk and Suffolk.

As well as teaching people about birds, I’m a qualified life coach. I specialise in helping people to reconnect to the natural world in order to find clarity and focus, and to access their intuitive self. My Nurture with Nature walks can also help with stress and anxiety.

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