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Welcome to Start Birding – the place to come if you’d like to learn more about birds

By joining a Start Birding class you’ll be able to learn in a friendly, supportive environment and develop at your own pace with like minded people. My aims are to connect people with nature, with each other, and to showcase the special places that Leeds has to offer.

Learn outdoors in groups of up to 8 people or design your very own one-to-one session.

Learn indoors and open up a whole new world of discovery. Courses are advertised in my newsletter.

Start Birding classes run during every month of the year. As well as watching birds and understanding bird behaviour, you’ll learn bird songs and calls throughout each season.

Birdwatching with a guide will enable you to learn quickly and help you to build your confidence out in the field. Very soon you’ll be a fully fledged birdwatcher with some new birdwatching friends.

Fledging new birdwatchers since 2001.

The most important outcome for me is that you enjoy yourself and have fun

There is always something new to learn or something wonderful to see when out watching wildlife. It’s even more satisfying when you can experience the wonders of nature close to home.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns and to receive my free handouts about binoculars and field guides. You can even send me bird photos or recordings of bird song to identify.

Meet Linda

Linda Jenkinson is the founder of Start Birding. Leeds based with a life-long passion for the natural world, Linda blogs, teaches and is a life coach, read more about Linda.

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